Development of the skibob/skibike/snowbike

Development of the sport of skibiking

Development of the skibob/skibike/snowbike

1892 - American, Mr. J. C. Stevens patented the idea of a bicycle where the front wheel was replaced by a ski, the 'Ice Velocopide'.


30bob1.jpg (84686 bytes)1946/7 - German Engineer, M. G. Gfäller obtained a patent for a "single track steerable sledge", and thus the 'Gfäller Ei' was invented.


brenter-sitski.jpg (12295 bytes)1949 - Austrian Engineer, Engelbert Brenter invented the 'Sit Ski'.


Since then there have been various designs:

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Most of these designs have failed due to lack of financial support or they have not ridden well on the snow. However there have been two main developers of skibobs who have kept the sport going over the last 50 years and have transformed the skibob into the modern snowbike/skibike:

Flachsmann - a Swiss manufacturer who has developed various racing bikes.


And Brenter - the Austrian grandson of Engelbert Brenter, who has developed more lightweight bikes for the leisure market.


Other relatively longstanding manufacturers include the Austrian Stalmach,

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And Kevan Leycraft, who has helped progress the sport in Canada.

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Now as a result of an increase in popularity and awareness, especially in America, various other companies have produced their own versions of the skibike.

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Development of the sport of skibiking

Skibobs were originally designed as means of transport in the Alps and it wasn't until 1954 that the first international race was held. Seven years later saw the formation of the FISB (Fédération Internationale de Skibob) as the international governing body for the sport. The FISB organized the first World Championships in 1967 and have continued to do so every year since. Nowadays there is also a World Cup circuit, similar to that in skiing and at the 2002 World Championships in Špinlerův Mlýn, Czech Republic, there were 14 different nations competing.

Great Britain

The SAGB (Skibike Association of Great Britain) was set up at the first World Championships in 1967 to help British racers.

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At present it continues to do so as well as being an integral part of the BLESMA (British Limbless Ex -Service Men's Association) annual skibob rehabilitation week in Soelden Austria.

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