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ABOUT skibike lTD

Why Skibike Ltd?


With over 40 years experience, we know as much as there is to know about skibiking, from the early wooden skibikes to the high performance elite racing bikes of today's World Cup cirucit. But more importantly, we love skibiking and are here to promote the sport we are passionate about. 


“Richard, Nic and Tim - Excellent time Skibiking in Val d'Isere and Tignes after you gave us the training at St. Foy. Everyone else, have a go at this, you'll love it!!!”

Andy Eccles


“Just a quick one to say what a great time I had on your fantastic Snowbikes. I will definitely be back next year....when I feel the need to hurtle down a mountain at very high speeds!.”

Max Mlinaric

How we started


We set up Skibike Ltd in 2001 and have been the UK's premier skibike rental, instrtuction & sales company ever since.



“Just back from the Alps... and skibiking is just the most fun you can have with your clothes on!”

Andy Smith

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